HAND Association   

Aims and Objectives

  1. To maintain among members the highest standards of construction and business methods.

  2. To promote the safety of the public and those engaged in the trades of members of the Association.

  3. To establish and maintain understanding and goodwill between members and the public.

  4. To promote and maintain harmonious relations between members and their employees.

  5. To promote and foster confidence, co-operation and understanding among Association members and members of related industries.

  6. To promote increased recognition of the importance of the sewer, watermain and road construction and maintenance industry in the communities it serves.

  7. To collect, display and disseminate related information to members and the industry.

  8. To represent members in matters relating to the industry and to enter into agreements in the best interests of the Association's members.

  9. To support the aims and objectives of the Ontario Sewer and Watermain Contractors Association (OSWCA).