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Plans on Display

The Plans Room is located at the Hand Office (Unit 104).

Hours of Operation: Monday - Thursday 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (hours may vary). Alternatively and in attempt to not disrupt member service, plans can be made available upon request to the Association Office.
Project No.
Project Name
St. Catharines P17-131 Roehampton & Eastport Park Improvements Jun 14 2pm
St. Catharines P17-002 Barnes / Brighton / Lailey Jun 14 2pm
Niagara 2017-T-118 Port Weller Wastewater Treatment Plans Grit Upgrades, City of St. Catherines Jun 20 2pm
Niagara 2017-T-119 2017 Strengthening and Resurfacing Program - Part 2 Jun 20 2pm
Niagara 2017-T-08 2017 Surface Treatment Jun 20 1:45pm
Hamilton C13-36-17 Prequalification for Electrical and Chlorination Upgrades, Woodward Water Treatment Plan Jul 21 3pm
Niagara 2017-449-17 Harvard Avenue Sanitary Sewer Replacement Jun 27 3pm
Niagara 2017-348-14 Crysler Ave. & St. Lawrenece Ave. Phase I & II, Sewer Separation, Watermain Replacement and Road Reconstruction Jun 27 3pm

The HAND Association is not responsible for any ommission of addendums.